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How To Reach Matheran

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How to Reach Matheran

By Flight: Mumbai airport is the nearest airport to Matheran, located at a distance of 80 km. It is easily to travel Matheran from Mumbai. Mumbai is linked with various metro cities


By Bus: You can reach Matheran from Mumbai by taking car or Bus Daily service. This mode is ideal for group travel or for families with senior citizens and kids


By Train: The nearest broad gauge railway station near Matheran is located at a distance of 20 km and the name of the railway station is Neral.  The Matheran Hill Railway was built in 1907 by Sir Adamjee Peerbhoy and covers a distance of 20 km, over some beautiful forest territory.




In city life we stay & travel in cement jungle. We can not experience true nature and its love. We always think for go to outstation to relax, to stay from busy & hectic life. But it’s not always possible to get away from city within two-three days of time. Where Matheran is really such amazing place where nature is playing active role with you and where you can enjoy every breath with nature within in the weekend time. Matheran is a most famous and coolest Hill Station situated in Karjat Tahsil, Raigad District of Maharashtra, India. Matheran is the smallest hill station of India. It is located on the range of Western Ghats at height of 800 m (2625 Feet) above sea level. The name Matheran means either ‘Forest on Top’ or ‘Woodland overhead’. Matheran is located around 90 km from Mumbai, 120 km from Pune and about 320 km from Surat. 

Marathi culture is existed in Matheran.

Majority of peoples are from Hindu & Muslim community. Marathi is the common speaking languages in Matheran. All Hindu and Muslim religious activities are celebrated at Matheran. 

All locals are supportive, friendly and sociable.

There are all kinds of restaurants in Matheran serving various cuisines. Most hotels offer packages including all meals. Try the Gujarati Thali, or the Maharashtrian style Vada-Pav (Indian Burger)which is available at the various points. Also, try the chikki which is available in different flavors in the main market. Unlimited Gujarati Thali At Hotel Gujarat bhavan (INR 175 DEC 2010) and Hotel Regal (INR 250, Dec 2010) are famous. Hotel Laxmi Offers Limited Gujarati Thali (INR 80, Dec 2010), the food here is very homely, less spicy. Though a limited verson the quantity of food is enough for average apetite.

Limited Gujarati Thali
Meat is available in some restaurants, notably in the popular and modern Khan's, which does very good Kebabs. Diwadkars opposite the station does very tasty non veg and veg thalis, kababs, etc at a reasonable price, they also serve alcohol. Shabbir's Biryani house is very famous for it's meat preparations, but it is not a very neat place and if you are looking for a proper restaurant with people waiting on you then Shabbir's might not be the place. Shabbir Bhai's is a authentic home-run hotel,serving tasty Moghlai food.


Due to the prohibition of cars, Matheran is a relatively peaceful place. So walking is an activity that will be richly rewarding, especially for nature lovers, and more so just after the monsoons when wildflowers are in full bloom with their attendant butterflies. When the mass blooming of Karvy or Strobilanthes Callosa takes place, it is a spectacular sight.
It is not uncommon to sight Golden Langurs, snakes and the Matheran Giant Squirrels . Apart from the ubiquitous bonnet macaque or aggressive Matheran Monkeys !
There are numerous points all over Matheran, many of which provide some fantastic views of the valley below. While the central area and marked vistas are crowded, it is quite easy to find yourself all alone if you step off the beaten track. There are numerous forested trails leading to most of the Points. Wear thick soled footwear and carry a walking stick for greater comfort as some of the trails are very rubbly, nothing more than dry river beds.
Horse riding is also quite popular way of getting around in Matheran. Finding a horse is not very difficult, as there are many of them around. It is a great way to travel for people who prefer not to walk, but rates must be negotiated in advance.
One must do adventure in Matheran is VALLEY CROSSING . Its from Honeymoon point to near Louisa Point.Its basically a U- shaped mountain and you have to go from one side to other side ( approx 900 feet) hanging on rope with 1000 feet valley below(!) It works worth 3 ropes,pulleys and Gravity. So its one way. So coming back is by walking or you can ask your Horse-Man to come to that point to pick you up. Mind you - Its definitely not for weak-hearted. But you get a bird's eye view of the valley. And its definitely a once in life-time experience.

The Verandah in the Forest
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 Regal Hotel
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 Adamo The Resort
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 Gujarat Bhavan Hotel
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 Woodside Hotel
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 Hotel Woodlands Matheran
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The best time to go to Matheran is post-monsoon. It is truly spectacular at this time of the year with lush greenery, waterfalls and the lake full with water. The best times to visit Matheran are between: November; Feb. to March. (Dec & Jan are pretty chilly here). However, people from Mumbai (Churchgate to Virar & C.S.T. (V.T.) to Kalyan) are seen visiting every week end mostly with their family as a part of their outing and relaxation. It is also a good place for Sadhana (Meditations), retreats and yogas.

By Air:
The nearest airport is in Mumbai (Bombay), located at a distance of 100 km from Matheran. Passengers willing to travel to Matheran can board a bus, taxi or private car from the airport for getting to the place.

By Train:
Various Express and local trains are available from the nearby cities of Mumbai and Pune that travels till Neral. From Neral, passengers can board the mini-train (toy-train) that ascends towards Matheran, traveling a distance of 21 km in 2hrs.

By Road:
It is the most convenient and quickest way of reaching Matheran. A 24 hr taxi service operates between Neral and Matheran, and it takes only twenty minutes from Neral to reach Matheran by road.

Some people also cover the distance between Neral and Matheran on foot. The trip though arduous, can be quite exhilarating, as hikers mount the steep hills enjoying the scenic beauty stretched all around.

Day 1:
Meals: all meals

Reach Matheran by noon ,check in hotel , have lunch and relax.
At 4 p.m. start for sight seeing.
Horse can be hired.
Day 2:
Meals: all meals

After breakfast go for sight seeing. come by noon , take lunch and relax. Evening go for shopping.
Day 3:
Meals: breakfast, lunch

After lunch start return journey.

Places to visit  in Matheran:

Prabal Fort :

Prabal Fort presently in ruins is located at the flat top of the hill named Prabhal hills in the western side of Matheran. The fort, which is of historical importance, was captured by Chathrapathi Shivaji from Mughals and it is believed that the forts enclosed price worthy treasure at the time of capture. 

On top of Prabal hills, there is a pond. There were two gateways and eleven towers in the fortifications and in 1818 the gateways were destroyed in the uncongenial fights. Presently walls of three or four towers are remaining as a specimen of grand old days of Maratha rulers.

Alexander Point:
Alexander Point is one of the great scenic locations in Matheran and is located on the side of Madhavji road. On the backdrop of jungle greeneries, the point offers grandeur picturesque views of Palasdari Lake, Rambaug Point, Garbut Point, Chowk point and downhill village of Borgaon. 

The beautiful view of the towers of Bhivpuri Power house is amazing from this cliff. The view of the deep valley down from this point offers a breathtaking experience for any tourist. Soft cool breeze and serene environment add charm of this place.

Charlotte Lake:

Charlotte Lake, also known as Sharlott Lake is a serene scenic spot in Matheran and is the prime source of drinking water in the Matheran region. An ancient temple Pisarnath temple is located at the right of the lake and two beautiful picnic spots Louisa point and Echo point are placed at the left of the lake. The lake location is rich in panoramic sceneries and lusting greeneries. 

This popular tourist destination is splendid during Monsoon and mostly get dried up in summer. One can watch some domestic bird fauna flying over the lake adding the picturesque beauty of the lake.

Hart point :
Hart point located at the north western edge of Matheran hill station offer majestic views of the low lying lush plains and the greenish quite villages. Hart point is the one point in Matheran which offers panoramic view of the breathtaking Western Ghats and the night view of clear lights of the Mumbai urban city. 

Hart point surrounded by dense green woods, offer a cool, calm and unspoiled spot for taking meditation and relaxation techniques. Thousands of tourists visit this location to enjoy the great offers of Nature.

Louisa Point:

Louisa Point is an imposing location in Matheran to have beautiful views of surrounding scenic places. The point located at a plateau offer the views of historical forts Vishalgad fort and Prabhal fort. This is a great spot for having eye catching views of sunset.

Tree Point:

Tree Point or One tree hill is a unique hill spot with a single Jambhul tree perched at the top. The walk through the road known as Shivaji’s ladder, going down from the hill to the plain is really a great experience. It is a good train fro trekkers. It is believed that the path was discovered by a British collector to Thane, Hugh Poyntz Malet. 

The surroundings are cool and calm. One can get a relaxed feeling while spending the pleasure times here. From the one tree hill point one can get eye feasting views of scenic spots such as tent hill and Chowk village.

Panorama Point :
Panorama Point is the most popular location in Matheran which offers majestic view of sunrise. The location is the longest spacious place on the mount peak. A best place for picnics, this place provides the grand panoramic view of the surrounding scenic locations like Chanderi, Navara-Navari, Peb fort and Mhas-Mal. 

The nature loving tourist can see beautiful views of Prabal fort in the backdrop of lush green forests and also the breathtaking cliffs of Hart point, Porcupine point and Monkey point. A magnificent scenic view of Louisa point is admirable form here. One can hear the echo of your voices from here. The cool and calm ambience make this place a most visited location in Matheran.

Porcupine Point:

Porcupine Point is an attractive view point in Matheran hills. The name is originated from the bird Porcupine as this place has the shape resembling that of Porcupine bird. A nearby majestic attraction is Cathedral rocks located on the western side from Porcupine point to Louisa point. 

This spot offers the ideal view of sunset and also gives the majestic view of distant Prabalgad fort. The location is blessed with scenic surrounding and densely populated thick forests. The calm and cool atmosphere makes the travelers with a pleasant feeling.

Rambag Point :
One of most attractive picnic spot which offer grandeur views of the vicinity and the wayside hilly ranges is Rambag Point in Matheran. This place is adorned with mind pleasing and eye catching environment, cool and pristine ambience and breathtaking sceneries. It is a perfect place to view the sunset. 

One can get clear and majestic views of Karjat town, Garbut point and Khandala from this cliff. Rambaug point offers the great relaxing location for rejuvenating the mind and body to any of its privileged visitor.

Shivaji's Ladder:

Shivaji's Ladder, as the name suggests with steps like a ladder, is the way down from one tree hill point to the Matheran valley. The path is surrounded by grandeur scenarios of lush green forests and soothing with cool winds. The great Maratha Emperor Chathrapathi Shivaji was using this way as a way for his pleasure trips and hunting options in the Matheran hills. 


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