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Popular Okinawa Restaurants

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Popular Okinawa restaurants

Common Okinawan dishes include Goya Chanpuru, Okinawa soba, Taco rice and sweets like Chinsuku and Sata andagi. These are delicious items and there are quite a few restaurants in the island which will present you these dishes.

Though the common Japanese cuisine is presented before tourist in the form of Yakinara or Sushi, you won’t get that Okinawa. Here the cuisine has a form and taste of it’s own. Pork and a Japanese soup called Dashi contribute the major part of Okinawa cuisine, and you will get them at the local restaurants. The food finds the perfect blend when you couple it with the local liquor named Awamori.

Som Chai is a great Thai restaurant, where you will get delicious Thai food.

Sam’s by the sea Awaseten is another restaurant with lovely food. This place offers all important world cuisine good food and lovely ambience being its specialty.

Shuri Soba is a great place for the Noodle lovers.

Birdland café is another great place for lovely food, and has a world class ambience to keep tourists captivated.

Charlie’s Taco is for the fast food lovers, and you can grab a bite on the go from here.

How many days to stay there:

Okinawa is not a very big island to cover. It is best if you go for a two weeks long vacation, so that you can cover all the spots in a relaxed way. If you are in a hurry and just need the sea and sand to refresh, a week is a good time to plunge into the delights of the island. Even a 4 day rush tour can be completed in Okinawa if you hire a car and roman clockwise through the island while visiting the places of interest.


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